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About Us
Korea Beauty Centre


Established ten years ago, Korea Beauty Centre is a traditional Korean spa outfit offering an authentic Korean spa experience here in Singapore. Our Korean beauty professionals are highly proficient in providing tailored treatments for face and body wellness.

The traditional Korean Kyung-rak massage has long been recognized for its health, beauty and wellness enhancing benefits.

As a deep-tissue massage, Kyung-rak is highly effective in stimulating vital points along the meridians, restoring energy balance while boosting blood circulation, tonification and detoxification effects.

In addition, this massage is known for its slimming, firming and toning effects for both face and body. Achieving a slimmer silhouette and glowing skin has never been easier with the help of our signature Kyung-rak facial and massage treatments.


Our Lymphatic Korean Kyung-rak facial - a favourite among our Korean and Japanese customers - features a thorough cleansing, masking and massage procedure at targeted areas. Tailored to each individual’s needs, this facial treatment will help to remove excess water and toxins while reducing wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.

The 80-minutes treatment costs $130 per session. It will be concluded with a complimentary eyebrow trimming session. Weekly sessions are recommended for better results in the long run.


Get a luxurious Kyung-rak massage treatment fit for royalty only at Korea Beauty Centre. With two masseuses working on your body simultaneously, every inch of your body will be taken care of in this two-hour long massage. Firstly, anti-cellulite massage oil will be applied all over your body with a hand-held device emitting radio frequency waves that helps in breaking down fat from deep within the skin. After fully prepping your body, our skilled masseuses will be interweaving hand, fist and elbow techniques to improve blood circulation, sooth tense muscles and relieve fatigue.

This full body massage will leave you and your body profoundly reinvigorated, while renewing your complexion and inducing deep relaxation. We have received feedback from customers that they felt refreshed and enjoyed firmer and radiant skin after just one session!

Kindly note that Korean massages tend to have stronger strokes which may result in slight bruising, so do inform your masseuses regarding your preferences beforehand. For the best results, we advise you to begin with a session each week for a length of one month. After which, you can head for treatments once every two weeks, with regularity varying from each individual’s condition.

  • Steam Sauna (30 mins before skin care)
  • Scalp Skin Care
  • Eyebrow Shaping
  • 2 Peeling Sessions